RGPSC, along with its sister club the Caja Del Rio Gun Club, are Albuquerque, New Mexico based USPSA affiliated shooting organizations.

The Club

RGPSC has been shooting continuously since the early 1990’s.  We average about 50-60 members, and have a ton of equipment acquired and maintained over time.

Some of that equipment came from the Caja Del Rio Gun Club of Santa Fe New Mexico. That club lost it’s range in Santa Fe due to urban encroachment, and they joined with us for a separate monthly match. As time went on, the organizers of that club simply let RGPSC absorb its equipment, and ceased operation as a separate club. We maintained the USPSA registration for Caja Del Rio.


Where are we?

We shoot at the Albuquerque City Shooting Range Park. It’s one of the finest shooting facilities in the country.

Headed by Range Master David Sanchez, you just won’t find a better staff. Their first question is always “What do you need?”

It just doesn’t get any better than this!


Where can I get more information about this game?

The link above to USPSA has a ton of info about our sport.
The premier website for discussions about USPSA shooting is the Brian Enos Forum.

The answer to your question is there, or it hasn’t been asked!!!